Transition to Leadership Program


Today, I completed a training course at La Trobe called: “Transition to Leadership” (along with about 25 other participants), designed for those who have a potential view to future leadership positions in the university sector. It was quite intensive – started back in February, with four full days of workshops and a group assignment thrown in, the purpose of which was to identify a significant University challenge and develop a strategy to tackle it (via report and presentation to the relevant Committee). My group’s issue was student residential service provision in the wake of future likely expansion.

I found it to be a most worthwhile experience. Moreover, upon reflection, it’s easy enough to sit back and bag senior administrators relentlessly for their decisions and performance, but it’s another thing to be able to develop the skills do a better job yourself. To this end, the course gave me a bit more empathy towards these administrators, and I have learned enough such that I will no doubt be less critical ‘purely for the sake of it’ hereafter.


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