Some Buddy that I Used to Know


My piece: “With Buddy Deal, Swans Figure they are Too Big to Fail” was published in today’s Australian Financial Review (Friday 28 March). The link is gated; however, it is on p.35 for those with access to a hard copy. This is a good little read for the AFL fan who wants to know a bit more about the causes of the Global Financial Crisis.

Back on ‘ABC News Breakfast’


I was back on (ABC1) News Breakfast with the all-Bev team (Scott Bevan and Beverley O’Conner) for the first time in nearly 2 years. It was on 10 January (took me a while to get up online) during the Open. I was talking about home-ground advantage (or lack thereof) for Australian tennis players. Details below.


Liam Lenten interviewed on ABC1 News Breakfast about his study (with James Reade, U Reading, UK) on home-court advantage in tennis – specifically, that it is not significant for Australian players, at least for seeds. The interview was recorded during the Australian Open.