Symposium: Brazil at the Centre of the Sporting World


Today, La Trobe University hosted an important symposium at its brand new City Campus, called: Brazil at the Centre of the Sporting World. This event was organised jointly by Centre for Sport and Social Impact (CSSI, of which I am a member) and the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS, administrated by our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences), and included such luminaries as H. E. Rubem Barbossa (the Brazilian Ambassador to Australia) and Craig Foster (SBS Chief Football Analyst and Presenter).

I made a 15-minute presentation as part of panel discussion, based on my paper (now published, see link): “The Underdog Should Always Fire the First Salvo Against Brazil”, from Applied Economics Letters, which I have blogged about here previously.

“Premiership Portfolio” by Sam Fimis


I went to an excellent book launch last night. The author is a former undergraduate student of mine from La Trobe, one Sam Fimis (below). I taught him in a finance subject, and it’s wonderful to see him combining that love of his (it’s also his day job: he’s in stockbroking!) with sports.


The book is called Premiership Portfolio, and is pitched at sports fans who want to learn a bit more about the markets to help them manage their personal finances, via analogies from the AFL. Genius, Sam!

The launch itself was well-attended, with speakers including Andrew Swallow, Anthony Koutoufidis, and Raydon Tallis. The book has also been identified by the AFL Player’s Association as a possible vehicle for future player education programmes to help safeguard against their savings being frittered away post-retirement.